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Jockey Hollow Park

Jockey Hollow Park

Oil painting on linen

Size: 48″ x 48″



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Photo of Todd L.W. Doney

Todd L.W. Doney, Associate Professor of Art and Design at County College of Morris, has been inspired by nature his entire life.  His unique technique captures the light, color and texture of landscapes. He captures the essence of a natural scene in this large scale paintings of New Jersey Landscapes.  Born in Chicago, he grew up in the northern suburbs.  After graduating high school, he started his art education at a local community college and went on to attend the prestigious American Academy of Art in Chicago...upon graduation he started his career as an illustrator and has been working as an artist ever since.

Todd lives with his family in Gillette. His home is situated adjacent to the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge that has become an inspiration for much of his work.