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Spring at Great Brook

Spring at Great Brook

Painting, Oil on Canvas

Size: 36 inch by 24 inch

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Photo of Justine Réneau Perdunn Kovacs

Born and raised in NJ, we moved to New Vernon in 1981.  I have tried almost every medium and eventually found oil paints as my favorite and have focused my work on oils for the last 30 years.

A graduate of Syracuse University with two degrees: one in Graphic Art from the School of Journalism and one Applied Arts from the School of Humanities.  I continued artistic study at the School of Visual Arts.

I’ve studied with Lee Hughes, S.Allyn Schaeffer, David Douglas, Hank Feeley and John Traynor.

Plein Air is my favorite style - there is nothing that makes me happier than capturing the freedom of a beautiful sunrise or sunset or the changing seasons…